University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Bryce Little

The Misusable Past

Facts and Fantasies in North American Archaeology

By: Bryce Little

Two of the most memorable incidents of my career in anthropology concern unusual visitors to my office. The first appeared unexpectedly at the door during a particularly frustrating moment of my dissertation writing, and his first action was to place in front of me a large paper grocery bag. Before I could compose a bewildered […]

A New North American Fantasy

By: Bryce Little

Archaeological misidentifications and outright frauds have been relatively common within North America during the past 100 years. The story of the Kensington Rune Stone is typical. This large slab carved with odd writing was found in 1898 near the town of Alexandria, Minnesota. A Swedish immigrant farmer named Olof Ohman was removing a tree, and […]

Adventures on the Eastern Frontier

By: Bryce Little

James Adair was born in county Antrim, Ireland, around 1709, and immigrated to South Carolina in 1735. He initially traded with the Cherokees in North Carolina and Tennessee, but in 1744 he took up residence with the Chickasaws in what is now northern Mississippi. There he established firm friendships which he used to extend the […]