University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Carleton S. Coon

Yengema Cave

Group of laughing men

By: Carleton S. Coon

Like other non-professional soldiers during the second World War I made some close friends whom I saw little if ever in later years. Among them was an Englishman, Edward C. Wharton-Tigar. One sunny afternoon in late September, 1965, Mr. Wharton-Tigar happened to be in New York on business. Faced with an hour or two of […]

Excavations at Yengema Cave

Sierra Leone

By: Carleton S. Coon

During November, 1965, Mrs. Coon and I excavated a cave at Yengema, Kono District, Southeastern Province, Sierra Leone. We were the guests of the Sierra Leone Selection Trust, Ltd., on whose mining concession the cave is located. The site is a shelter formed when a huge upright slab of granite fell, to be supported on […]

Clever People, These Armenians

Museum Exterior

By: Carleton S. Coon

Deep in the oven-like summer of 1951 I was obliged, for reasons that have nothing to do with this story, to forsake the cool heights of Hamadan and make a trip by bus to Tehran. I came back as soon as I was able. Now in those days, and possibly still, it was the rule […]