University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Catherine M. Cameron

Recent Research in the Prehistoric Southwest


By: Catherine M. Cameron

The Southwest has been long been renowned for its spectacular archaeological sites and for the contemporary Native American groups whose ancestors those sites represent. Although the broad outlines of South­western prehistory have been known since the first quarter of the present century, the past decade has brought a tremendous increase in our under­standing of the […]

Photographic Analysis

A Study of Architectural Change at Oraibi Pueblo

By: Catherine M. Cameron

The multistoried pueblos of the Southwest appear ancient, time-less, and unchanging. Most of these villages have been occupied for over 400 years, and they reflect a traditional Native American life-style that contrasts dramatically with the rapidly changing modern world. Archaeologists who study prehistoric Pueblo peoples look to the living Pueblo villages for ways of interpreting […]