Author: David W. Sedat

Tunneling into the Heart of the Copan Acropolis

By: David W. Sedat and Fernando Lopez

Around AD 426 K’inich Yax K’uk’ Mo’ achieved preeminence at Copan and founded a dynasty. During his reign, a complex of buildings was erected on a platform 100 meters west of the Copan River. The stucco-surfaced platform (named Yune) mea­sured 75 meters on a side and had low walls around it, either for defense or […]

Uncovering Copan’s Earliest Royal Tombs

By: Ellen E. Bell and Loa P. Traxler and David W. Sedat and Robert J. Sharer

The royal tombs found buried deep within the core of the Acropolis are a potent source of information about Early Classic life at Copan. In order to glean as much information as possible about the tomb occupants and the jumble of objects surrounding them (Fig. I), precise excavation techniques—and infinite patience—are called for. The Margarita […]

The Margarita Tomb at Copan, Honduras

A Research Update

By: Ellen E. Bell and Robert J. Sharer and David W. Sedat and Marcello A. Canuto and Lynn Grant

In an earlier issue of Expedition (41[2]), we reported on the first five years of work in an Early Classic burial at the Maya center of Copan, Honduras. The multichambered Margarita Tomb (An 440-450) lies deeply buried at the center of the core of the Late Classic Copan Acropolis. It contains the remains of a […]