University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Dawn McCormack

Borrowed Legacy

Royal Tombs S9 and S10 at South Abydos

By: Dawn McCormack

After the 12th Dynasty reigns of Senwsoret III (1878–1841 BCE) and Amenemhet III (1858–1812 BCE) the political and economic power of the Egyptian state began to decline. During the 13th Dynasty (1800–1650 BCE), over 50, often unrelated, pharaohs occupied the throne in little more than 150 years. Archaeologists have so far discovered only six of […]

Fragments of a Difficult Era

Excavations of Tomb S9 at South Abydos

By: Dawn McCormack

The 13th Dynasty of ancient Egypt, roughly 1800–1630 BCE, was a politically turbulent period with more than 50 kings coming to the throne in succession. Most rulers were short-lived and constructed few monuments, leaving modern scholars in the dark as to the nature of kingship at this time. Even the identity and order of some […]