University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Eleanor M. King

Fieldwork in Brazil

Petrullo's Visit to the Yawalapiti

By: Eleanor M. King

Preface Matto Grosso was tirst entered, by way of the Paraguay river, in the latter part of the sixteenth century by Spaniards. Soon afterwards the Portuguese came from the east, succeed­ing in traversing the southern portion and even reaching the Andes…ln the early eighteenth century, towns were founded on the banks of the Cuyabá and […]

Rediscovering the Eskimo

From the Archives

By: Mary Elizabeth Ruwell and Eleanor M. King

The University Museum Archives repre­sents a unique resource for researchers in archaeology, anthropology, history, classics and related fields. A preliminary survey done in 1979 indicated that the Museum currently holds about 2000 linear feet of records, of which about a third are field records collected between 1885 and 1955. These are field notebooks, indexes, cata­logues, […]

From Mules to Lasers: Maya Fieldwork Over the Years

Field Experience

By: Eleanor M. King

IN MORLEYANA—The affectionate posthumous tribute to noted Mayanist S. G. Morley—friends reminisced about his days in the field, recalling mule trains laden with supplies, narrow rainforest trails, and telegrams sent from remote outposts, announcing his imminent reappearance and readiness to dine. Much has changed in Maya archaeology since the 1920s and 1930s, when Morley worked. Four-wheel drive […]