University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Elisabeth Tooker

Fabrics of the Iroquois

The Lewis H. Morgan Collection for the New York State Museum

By: Elisabeth Tooker

In The University Museum are a number of Iroquois manufac­tures collected at various times in various places in New York State and Canada. There are similar collections, some larger, some smaller, in other museums. Some objects obtained from Indians in the 17th and 18th centuries have found their way into European mu­seums. But the most […]

Frank G. Speck

By: Elisabeth Tooker

Frank G. Speck In 1951, A. Irving Hallowell wrote an obituary of Frank Speck in Amer­ican Anthropologist. Following are excerpts from that piece. “Speck not only studied American Indians, but was deeply attached to them. They were as much a part of his personal as his professional life . . . In fact, the abiding […]

The “Speck Iroquois Collection” in The University Museum

By: Elisabeth Tooker

Among the objects of Iroquois manufacture in The Univer­sity Museum are a number collected by Frank G. Speck, some given to the Museum by Samuel Fernberger, and a larger number given by Samuel W. Pennypacker, some of which he may have col­lected himself. These objects reflect Speck’s interests, most particularly his research on the religious […]