Vol. 41 / No. 2

By: Ellen E. Bell, Loa P. Traxler, David W. Sedat and Robert J. Sharer

Uncovering Copan’s Earliest Royal Tombs

The royal tombs found buried deep within the core of the Acropolis are a potent source of information about Early […]

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Vol. 42 / No. 3

By: Ellen E. Bell, Robert J. Sharer, David W. Sedat, Marcello A. Canuto and Lynn Grant

The Margarita Tomb at Copan, Honduras: A Research Update

In an earlier issue of Expedition (41[2]), we reported on the first five years of work in an Early Classic […]

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Vol. 55 / No. 2

By: Ellen E. Bell

Portrait – Remembering Robert J. Sharer (1940-2012)

Dr. Robert J. Sharer was the Sally and Alvin Shoemaker Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania and […]

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