University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Eric W. Schnittke

Looking Back – December 2013

By: Eric W. Schnittke

Editor’s note: This photograph and the story behind it recall an era of violence when Native American voices were silenced. Today’s Native American leaders are influencing public discourse and policy on all kinds of issues including Indigenous sovereignty, human rights, and cultural heritage. Ashishishe, also known as Curley, was born in 1856 into the Crow […]

Looking Back

By: Eric W. Schnittke

In 1929, the Penn Museum appointed Alan Rowe field director for excavations at Meydum, Egypt. Rowe, an Englishman, had previously worked for the Museum at Beth Shean, Israel. The work at Meydum was short lived. Due to the Great Depression, the excavations were terminated in 1931. Located 76 km (50 miles) south of Cairo, the […]