University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: G. Roger Edwards

An Ivory Gorgoneion

By: G. Roger Edwards

Of all the sculptural work of Greek antiquity, that in ivory is among the least well known to us from preserved examples, although the fame of Greek work in ivory has come down to us abundantly in literature. Ivory itself endures well, but burial in damp earth has caused most Greek carvings in this material […]



By: G. Roger Edwards

The account of the excavations at Gordion in 1962 takes up the thread of the narrative of this site’s recovery from the last paragraphs of the latest article (Expedition 4, 4, Summer, 1962), by Rodney Young. There, it will be recalled, the project for the construction of a Gordion Museum was outlined. A major incentive […]

Torre Mordillo


By: G. Roger Edwards

Excavations at Torre Mordillo in Calabria in Southern Italy were undertaken during Sep¬≠tember and October, 1967, as a joint operation of the University Museum and the Soprintendenza alle Antichita della Calabria. Not the first excava¬≠tions here (Expedition 9, 1967), those of 1967 were undertaken primarily with the thought of testing further to see whether or […]