University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Giovanna Bianchi

The Silver Rush in Tuscany’s Wild West

Medieval Archaeology in the Metal Hills

By: Giovanna Bianchi

Tuscany is not only a land of gentle hills and Chianti-bearing vineyards. In the southwest is an area little known even by Italians, called the Metal Hills—the Colline Metallifere. It was described by Dante in the Divine Comedy, and even crossed, it is said, by Buffalo Bill in 1887, in response to a challenge by the […]

The Hungry Archaeologist – Metal Hills

By: Giovanna Bianchi

Throughout the Metal Hills, it is easy to find a restaurant where one can enjoy food that is both delicious and typical of the region. On the coast, there is excellent fish, while on the interior, dishes feature meats like pork or wild boar. In this area which has, until recently, been very poor, the […]