University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Giuliano Volpe

Rediscovering the Heel

Archaeology and History in Northern Apulia

By: Giuliano Volpe

Daunia, the ancient territory that occupied the modern province of Foggia in northen Puglia, is extraordinarily rich in cultural heritage. Artistic masterpieces abound, such as the great Norman cathedrals at Barletta and Trani, or the polychrome marbles recently found in Ascoli Satriano. Less well known, but now becoming ever more visible, are its archaeological treasures, […]

The Hungry Archaeologist – Daunia

By: Giuliano Volpe

Daunia‚Äôs cuisine is like its archaeology, close to the land, and many dishes are based on peasant food that varies enormously with the seasons. Among the most notable dishes are pancotto, made from wild seasonal vegetables, bread, and potatoes; homemade pastas like cicatelli served with arugula or troccoli with cuttlefish; lamb with thistles and eggs; […]