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Author: Grant Frame

Sargon’s March: A New Translation

By: Grant Frame

In the eighth year of his reign (714 BC), the king of Assyria, Sargon II (721–705 BC), led a campaign into the Zagros mountains in order to aid his vassal Ullusunu, the ruler of Mannea. He then turned north, invading the powerful kingdom of Urartu, whose ruler Rusâ (or Ursâ) had been giving trouble to […]

Remembering Erle Verdun Leichty, 1933–2016


By: Grant Frame

Doctor Erle Verdun Leichty, Curator Emeritus of the Babylonian Section of the Penn Museum, Clark Research Professor Emeritus of Assyriology at the University of Pennsylvania, and President of Media, Pennsylvania, died September 19, 2016 at age 83. Though Erle was highly regarded by his fellow Assyriologists, University and Museum colleagues, and students, he was a […]