University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Helen Schenck

From the Editor – Spring 1997

By: Helen Schenck

Once hundred years ago, the University of Pennsylvania Museum put out its first periodical, entitled The Bulletin of the Free Museum of Science and Art (that being the original name of the Museum). Over the next 60 years the Museum suc­cessively launched and retired various serial publications (see below). As Expedition nears the end of […]

Introduction – Summer 1997

By: Helen Schenck

This is the second issue of Expedition Magazine to focus on Roman topics in the space of a year. Like last year’s issue on “Glass in the Roman World” (Vol. 38, No. 2), it is designed in part to accompany the Museum’s up-coming exhibit, Roman Glass: Reflections on Cultural Change. The exhibition, which opens on […]

The Iron Industry Underground

The Archaeology of Historic American Iron Technology

By: Helen Schenck

Introduction The traditional date for the founding of the American iron industry is 1622. In that year the English-based Virginia Company of London first attempted to smelt iron in Falling Creek, Virginia. The hope was that enough iron could be produced both for export to the Old World and to supply the needs of the […]

Introduction – Summer 1998

By: Helen Schenck

Few sites possess the lure and mystique of the  ancient Near Eastern mound of Ur, with its  imposing ziggurat and its so-called Royal Tombs rich in gold and silver treasures. Sometimes it can be hard to see beyond that bright and potent vision to a more nuanced picture of Ur as a vital, long-lived city-state […]


An African American Festival on South Street, Philadelphia

By: Helen Schenck

Thomas B. Morton has been attending and photographing ODUNDE since 1976. An exhibi­tion of 30 of his black and white photographs is on display at the University of Pennsylvania Museum until January 16, 2000. It was orga­nized by the Philadelphia Folklore Project, in collaboration with ODUNDE, Inc., as part of their effort to document African […]