University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Ina Vanstan

Ancient Peruvian Textile Arts

Patchwork and Tie-dye From Pachacamac

By: Ina Vanstan

Digging up the past includes more than the actual spade work with the essential on-the-spot record keeping and the basic interpretations undertaken in the field. It involves, also, detailed analyses of any materials collected, analyses which must be made in the laboratory and followed by observations and interpretations based on the findings. Frequently, due to […]

Rags and Tatters Among the Textiles of Peru

By: Ina Vanstan

The making of reconstructions of various kinds constitutes a large part of any archaeologist’s work. The final aim of such reconstruction is an overall synthesis, which pictures the whole of an ancient civilization as this can be visualized on the grounds of a tremendous volume of amassed evidence. At the opposite end of this scale, […]