University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Jacqueline H. Fewkes

Trade at the Crossroads of Continents

Northern India's Ladakh Region

By: Jacqueline H. Fewkes

Historical trade routes across Asia brought together diverse peoples and created markets that were highly cosmopolitan areas of intercultural contact. While individual traders from many different cultures met in these marketplaces, the existence of trading middlemen typically meant that many long-distance trade networks were actually the result of multiple shorter-distance exchanges. Thus commercial goods from […]

The Meaning of Material Culture

By: Jacqueline H. Fewkes

The complex meanings associated with material culture offer many challenges for the study and interpretation of artifacts associated with Ladakh’s history of trading. Many of these artifacts highlight the difficulty of categorizing a particular region within a a single “culture area.” For example, if we displayed the artifact below in a museum, where would it […]