University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Jennifer A. Moody

Introduction – Winter 1990

By: Barbara J. Hayden and Jennifer A. Moody and Polymnia Muhly

Generations of historians, archae­ologists, anthropologists, and scien­tists have chosen Crete as the focus of their research. A combination of factors that pertain to Crete alone have engendered both this commit­ment and the resulting contributions to scholarship. The dramatic and rugged topography of Crete (relief up to 2400 m) and relative isolation (separated from the mainland […]

The Vrokastro Survey Project

Providing a Context for an Early Iron Age Site

By: Barbara J. Hayden and Jennifer A. Moody

Of the most dramatic coastlines in Europe is lo­cated along the northern shores of eastern Crete, where sea-weathered rock formations, promon­tories, and small beaches form the Bay of Mirabello. In 1986 a 50 ­square-kilometer area flanking the Bay was selected by Hayden for intensive and systematic survey. Two factors influenced this choice. Many surveys previously […]