University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: John L. Cotter

Digging an Historical Shrine

Philadelphia's Independence Park

By: John L. Cotter

Every now and then a sudden gleam comes to an archaeologist’s eye as he searches a palaeolithic cave deposit, or even an 18th century house foundation. Fancy finding what might be a tangible association of Benjamin Franklin’s famous kite experiment right in the ruins of his own house in Franklin Court, down on Orianna Street, […]


A Personal Reminiscence

By: John L. Cotter

In conjunction with the 97th Annual Conference of the American Anthropological Association, to be held in Philadelphia in December of 1998, the American Section of the University of Pennsylvania Museum is mounting a small exhibit in the Main Entrance to honor two notable Americanises who have been associated with the University and the Museum for […]

The History of Sporting America

Philadelphia Pastimes

By: John L. Cotter

Archaeological traces of sports are often ephem¬≠eral, especially in North America. The Indians left a few ball courts, notably in the Southwest, various gaining pieces, a snow snake here and a chunky stone there, and accounts in ethnological records (see Becker’s article on lacrosse in this issue). European and other immi¬≠grants left a little more […]