Author: John Scarborough

Drugs and Medicines in the Roman World

By: John Scarborough

The doctor stepped softly out of the sickroom, where Licinius was breathing his last. Rattling, rasping, wheezing, gasping for air, the senator had accepted death and requested that his friend and physician, the medicus Marcus Junius Asclepiades, leave the opos lozenges next to the bedside. Caecina son, Publics Licinius Caecina, was last to leave the […]

The Life and Times of Alexander of Tralles

By: John Scarborough

Among early Byzantine physicians, Alexander of Tralles (AD 525-605) attracts the admira­tion not only of medical historians, but also of modem doctors. His appeal is due to his direct experience in the practice of medicine and in the manifold aspects of pro­viding and modifying treatments for patients, as spelled out in his extant tracts. His […]