Author: Julia Lawson

Unraveling Threads: Conservation of the Weaving Lady

Research Notes

By: Julia Lawson

In the early 1960s the University of Pennsylvania Museum acquired an unusually precolumbian figural object. It consists of a doll-like female working at an A-frame loom which is supported by a tree replete with woven leaves and seed pods, tassel blossoms, and a basketry nest with a rather whimsical resident bird. This composition sits upon […]

The Resurrection of Seven Clay Coffins from Nippur

Conservation Notes

By: Julia Lawson

The Mesopotamian clay coffins from Nippur in the Penn Museum’s Near East Section have a long and varied history. They were originally discovered during the University of Pennsylvania’s Babylonian Expeditions in the late 19th century (1889–1900). These were the first American excavations in Mesopotamia, as well as Penn’s first archaeological expedition outside the United States. […]