University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Kevin M. Cahail

Ancient Reuse

The Discovery of a Royal Sarcophagus Chamber

By: Josef Wegner and Kevin M. Cahail

During June 2013, excavations were underway near the base of the Mountain-of-Anubis. The search was on for private cemeteries belonging to the Middle Kingdom community of Wah-sut. Excavations since 1994 have revealed a large and complex settlement site. But where are the tombs of the thousands of people who must have lived and died at […]

Taking It With You

The South Abydos Tomb Census

By: Kevin M. Cahail

As part of the ongoing excavations in the Middle Kingdom town of Wah-sut, a pressing question has arisen: where were its inhabitants buried? Although this might appear easy to answer, reality has proven otherwise. During 2012–2013, we began a program of survey and excavation—the South Abydos Tomb Census—to help answer this crucial question. Results so […]