University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Loa Traxler

Time Beyond Kings

By: Loa Traxler

Profound changes within maya society ended the time of kings. Traditionally, kings monopolized the political, economic, and religious power within each Maya state regardless of its territorial extent. These powers were lost in the midst of famine, disease, and violence at the end of the Classic period (ca. 300–900 CE). As their subjects fled from local […]

2012 and Beyond

By: Loa Traxler

Did the Maya Predict an Apocalypse in 2012? In a Word: No. With clear evidence to the contrary, we return to this question and reflect upon why we in a 21st century American society are so strongly drawn to this idea. Western society has long been fascinated with “End of Time” predictions, and we share […]