University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Marija Gimbutas

“Timber-graves” in Southern Russia

The Second in a Series on Expeditions Around the World.

By: Marija Gimbutas

As a result of the intrusion of the Kimmerians and Scythians from southern Russia in the late eighth and seventh centuries B.C., the entire political and military structure of western Iran and Anatolia was overturned. Urartu, Assyria’s chief enemy in eastern Anatolia, was destroyed; Phrygia was overrun; and for a quarter of a century the […]


A Sensationally Rich Cemetery of the Karanovo Civilization, About 4500 B.C.

By: Marija Gimbutas

The cemetery of Varna on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria, excavated in 1973-76, is a prime addition to our knowledge of the Karanovo civilization. The eighty-one graves thus far uncovered, presumed to constitute about a half of the total number in the ceme¬≠tery, are sensational for the extraordinary richness in gold, copper, marble, obsidian, […]