University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Maude de Schauensee

Portable Architecture

By: Maude De Schauensee

What is a Bedouin tent but an eminently practical, completely portable house demonstrating all the principal elements of permanent architecture. The tent has supports for the roof at the four corners, at intervals along the sides and down the center, as well as a roof and “curtain” or non-bearing walls. These walls, being literally curtains, […]

Horse Gear from Hasanlu

By: Maude De Schauensee

The largest collection of con­temporaneous, archaeologi­cally documented horse para­phernalia in the Near East comes from the ruins of the town of Hasanlu, destroyed in about 800 B.C. The gear itself, intricate and beautifully made of high quality materials, clearly indicates that horses were not just utilitarian ani­mals but were valued in themselves,perhaps as symbols of […]

The ‘Boat-Shaped’ Lyre

Restudy of a Unique Musical Instrument from Ur

By: Maude de Schauensee

Stringed instruments have probably been around since the first time someone stretched a gut, rawhide, or fiber string over a resonator and plucked it. These early prototypes evolved over time into differenti­ated, often elaborately decorated and revered instruments. The University of Pennsylvania Museum is fortunate to house some of the earliest actual remains of stringed […]