University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Mitchell S. Rothman

One of Iraq’s Earliest Towns

Excavating Tepe Gawra in the Archives of the University of Pennsylvania Museum

By: Brian Peasnall and Mitchell S. Rothman

When does excavation not require the diggers to get dirty? Such a riddle may belie most people’s image of archaeology.In their imag­inations, archaeology is for adventurers, like the fictional Indiana Jones who traveled to exotic lands to retrieve ancient relics. With huge crews, they dig ancient mounds to bring back the most beautiful artifacts to […]

Early Transcaucasian Cultures and Their Neighbors

Unraveling Migration, Trade, and Assimilation

By: Stephen Batiuk and Mitchell S. Rothman

Much of what happens in our modern world depends on how people define their identity (and their loyalties), how they adapt to local conditions, and how they interact economically, politically, and socially to create new impetus and opportunities for change. When people migrate, they affect the places to which they move, causing both the old […]

What Defines the ETC?

By: Stephen Batiuk and Mitchell S. Rothman

ETC cultures were first identified on the basis of their pottery in the Transcaucasus area between the Kura and Araxes Rivers and between the Caspian and Black Seas. Their very distinctive pottery is handmade and predominantly black on the outside and red or black on the inside. It is highly burnished and often has incised […]