University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Namita S. Sugandhi

In the Heart of the Village

Exploring Archaeological Remains in Chatrikhera Village, Rajasthan, India

By: Teresa P. Raczek and Namita S. Sugandhi

It was a sweltering day in June of 2009. We were walking in the sun, striving to finish our survey work in the cotton fields in the few days that remained before the monsoon arrived. The villagers had already plowed the fields several times, which brought fresh artifacts to the surface and helped our study. […]

Time Periods in Southeastern Rajasthan

By: Teresa P. Raczek and Namita S. Sugandhi

The Mewar Plain has been occupied since the Paleolithic; as a result, sites of various time periods can be found every few kilometers, and sometimes even more closely packed. Here is a description of the main recognized time periods that can be found at Chatrikhera: Mesolithic 5000–3000 BC. Nomadic hunting and gathering groups travelled through […]