University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Nicholas S. Picardo

The Dig House at Abydos

Field Experience

By: Nicholas S. Picardo

During the latter part of ancient Egypt’s Middle Kingdom in the 18th century BCE, a royal edict forbade the placement of structures within a sacred zone at the Upper (Southern) Egyptian site of Abydos. As translated by Anthony Leahy: My Majesty (life, prosperity, health) decrees the protection of the holy land south of Abydos for […]

Egypt’s Well-to-Do

Elite Mansions in the Town of Wah-Sut

By: Nicholas S. Picardo

Archaeologists study settlements and households to understand how ancient people organized themselves and how social relationships played out through daily routine. We are applying this manner of investigation to the southwest sector of Wah-Sut where excavations have exposed a series of elite mansions—residences that collectively formed the town’s business district for high-ranking officials. The pharaoh’s […]