University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Oliver C. Colburn

A Habitation Area of Thurii

By: Oliver C. Colburn

The expedition in search of Sybaris and the later colony Thurii, directed by Prof. Froelich Rainey of the University Museum, have been conducted in collaboration with Dr. G. Foti, Superintendent of the Antiquities Department of Calabria and Engineer and Mrs. Enrico Mueller of Cassano Ionio. From these organizations, the following persons participated actively in the […]

A Return to Sybaris

By: Oliver C. Colburn

The annals of archaeology are replete with “lost” cities, once-flourishing communities which, for one reason or another, have vanished into history. Some, Troy for exam­ple, and Cretan Knossos as well as Phrygian Gordion have been rediscovered by patient scholars; others remain lost, their very ex­istence a matter of question. But of those whose former reality […]