University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Pisit Charoenwongsa

Ban Chiang

A Mosaic of Impressions from the First Two Years

By: Chester Gorman and Pisit Charoenwongsa

Only a decade ago, Southeast Asia was regarded as a prehistoric cul-de-sac; that it might have been an important area in the development of early civilization was an unthinkable notion. In 1966, two most emi¬≠nent scholars of Southeast Asian cultural history, Coedes and Groslier still accepted the standard theory that early sophisticated stone tools, pottery […]

Ban Chiang in Retrospect

What the Expedition Means to Archaeologists and the Thai Public

By: Pisit Charoenwongsa

Without the accidental discoveries in 1957 by a local villager and the subsequent archaeological work [beginning in 1967), Ban Chiang would have remained an ordi¬≠nary village like thousands of others in dusty, impoverished northeast Thailand. There would be no T-shirts bearing the now familiar painted pottery motif; there would be no replicas of ancient urns […]