University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Schuyler V. R. Cammann

Cult of the Jambiya

Dagger Wearing in Yemen

By: Schuyler V. R. Cammann

On a recent visit to the Yemen Arab Republic, even before I left the National Airport, I was impressed by the fact that so many adult males, and even some adolesĀ­cents, who had come to meet the plane were still wearing the traditional Arabian dagger called jambiya. The jambiya is a characteristic form of dagger […]

A Rare “Jade” Book

A Manchu Emperor's Edict carved on Panels of Jade

By: Schuyler V. R. Cammann

Often a museum exhibition on a special subject will bring to light interesting objects in private hands. A casual visitor will see in the show something that recalls a similar or related thing in his own possession, so he will bring that in to discuss it with a curator, hoping to find out more about […]