University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Susan A. Johnston

Upper Paleolithic Notation Systems in Prehistoric Europe

By: Simon Holdaway and Susan A. Johnston

The search for an indigenous writing system among the prehistoric cultures of Tem­perate Europe has a long history which may in part be motivated by the desire to show that they were not barbaric and culturally back­ward, but rather possessed of one of the hallmarks of “civilization” (Childe 1950). Systems of writing and counting in other […]

Remembering Bernard Wailes

A Portrait

By: Peter Bogucki and Genevieve Fisher and Ron Hicks and Susan A. Johnston and Tom McCulloch and Bailey Young and Pam Crabtree

Dr. Bernard Wailes was Associate Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and Associate Curator Emeritus of the Penn Museum’s European Archaeology Section. Bernard was born in Mawgan Porth in Cornwall, and he received his education at St. Catherine’s College, Cambridge, including his B.A. (1957), M.A. (1961), and Ph.D. (1964). He was a student of Grahame Clark, Raleigh […]