Vol. 44 / No. 2

By: Theodore G. Schurr

Book News & Reviews: 500,000 Years in Siberia: Digs Link a Long History of Migrations to Cultural Diversity: The Paleolithic of Siberia: New Discoveries and Interpretations

New archaeological evidence concerning how people lived in Siberia during the Paleolithic period is the subject of this ambitious book. Along with patterns of […]

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Vol. 44 / No. 3

By: Theodore G. Schurr

Exploring Kamchatka’s Indigenous Past: Molecular Anthropology is Sent to Siberia

For much of its history, the Kamchatka Peninsula in remote northeastern Russia has remained largely unknown to the outside world. […]

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Vol. 46 / No. 2

By: Philip Chase and Theodore G. Schurr

Evolution and the Peopling of the Americas: Book News & Reviews

Nature’s Magic: Synergy in Evolution and the Fate of Humankind, by Peter Corning (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003). 464 pp., […]

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photo of village

Vol. 59 / No. 1

By: Aram Yardumian, Theodore G. Schurr, Ramaz Shengelia, Davit Chitanava, Shorena Laliashvili, Lia Bitadze and Irma Laliashvili

Ancient Lineages: Reconstructing the Genetic History of Svaneti, Northwest Georgia

At the dawn of the common era, the Greek historian and geographer Strabo composed brief descriptions of the numerous tribes […]

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