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Author: Theodore G. Schurr

Book News & Reviews: 500,000 Years in Siberia

Digs Link a Long History of Migrations to Cultural Diversity: The Paleolithic of Siberia: New Discoveries and Interpretations

By: Theodore G. Schurr

New archaeological evidence concerning how people lived in Siberia during the Paleolithic period is the subject of this ambitious book. Along with patterns of cultural change and continuity, the book attempts to trace the routes of human migration throughout Eurasia and describes the evolution of Siberian lithic cultures (those using stone tools), from the Early to the Late Paleolithic, that accompanies the movements. It […]

Exploring Kamchatka’s Indigenous Past

Molecular Anthropology is Sent to Siberia

By: Theodore G. Schurr

For much of its history, the Kamchatka Peninsula in remote northeastern Russia has remained largely unknown to the outside world. The first Europeans to set foot on Kamchatka, Semyon Dezhnev and Fedot Alexeyev, arrived there in the mid-1600s, and the first permanent settlement was established in 1668 by Vladimir Atlasov. Although Russians maintained a constant […]

Evolution and the Peopling of the Americas

Book News & Reviews

By: Philip Chase and Theodore G. Schurr

Nature’s Magic: Synergy in Evolution and the Fate of Humankind, by Peter Corning (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003). 464 pp., cloth, $28.00, ISBN 0-521-82547-4. With only a relatively small portion devoted to human biolog­ical or cultural evolution, this is not your ordinary book on human evolution. Rather, it is about much larger, interdiscipli­nary questions surrounding […]

Ancient Lineages

photo of village
Reconstructing the Genetic History of Svaneti, Northwest Georgia

By: Aram Yardumian and Theodore G. Schurr and Ramaz Shengelia and Davit Chitanava and Shorena Laliashvili and Lia Bitadze and Irma Laliashvili

At the dawn of the common era, the Greek historian and geographer Strabo composed brief descriptions of the numerous tribes living and trading at Eastern Black Sea ports for his encyclopedic work Geographica. Among them, he wrote, “Are the Soanes, who are…superior…in power…and hold possession of the heights of the caucasus above Dioscurias. The mountainous […]