Author: Wendy Ashmore

The Classic Maya Settlement at Quirigua

Recent Agricultural Activities Have Helped Reveal the Extent of the Buried Settlement

By: Wendy Ashmore

Ever since the visit of Frederick Cather­wood in 1840, scholars and laymen alike have been attracted to the Maya ruins of Quirigua. Above all, it is the magnificent sculpture that has brought accolades to the site. But while many have inferred the existence of an important “city” or “capital” to support the rulers and sculptors […]

Discovering Early Classic Quirigua

A Unique Opportunity to Examine an Important Sector of the Early Center

By: Wendy Ashmore

The discovery came, one could say, just in the nick of time. The Quirigua Project had been scheduled to run from 1974 through 1978. As Sharer explained earlier in this issue, the field seasons were organized to gather informa­tion concerning the rise, occupation and demise of the Classic Maya center of Quirigua. But commercial excavation […]