University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Athropology

Author: Yuri G. Vinogradov

The Northern Black Sea Coast in Classical Antiquity

New Discoveries

By: Gregory M. Bongard-Levin and Yuri G. Vinogradov

THE NORTHERN BLACK SEA LITTORAL was considered by both ancient and contemporary, scholars to exist on the remotest peripheries of the Greek world. Yet it never degenerated into a backward or semi-barbaric province of the great Hellenic civilization. On the contrary, its fate was closely intertwined with that of the whole ancient world. Its development […]

A Maiden’s Golden Burial from Berezan, the Island of Achilles

By: Yuri G. Vinogradov

A thanks-offering to Achilles Pontarkhos. O round booty in its glorious support of the gods, 0 island washed round by the sea, rejoicing in waves, Your ground was allotted from above to the offspring and kin of Thetis, TO the Aiakid, Achilles, who is the equal of the immortal gods. 101 Achilles, accept the offering, […]