Current University Museum Research -Fall 1967

Originally Published in 1967

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AFGHANISTAN – Beginning excavations in the Seistan region during early months of 1968. George Dales in charge.

AFRICA – Excavations continuing in the Benue Valley, Camerouns. Nicholas David in charge.

Robert Netting just back from field work with the Kofyar and Goemai of Northern Nigeria. Now analysing data on their agriculture and social organization.

Igor Kopytoff was in West Africa this summer on a research liaison mission for the African Studies Association. Visited West Cameroun in preparation for field work next summer.

Olga Linares and David Sapir are writing up material gathered from their research with the Diola of Senegal.

ALASKA – Excavation in the Galbraith Lake region north of the Brooks Range continued in summer of 1967. Herbert Alexander in charge.

ANDEAN STUDIES – Alfred Kidder is compiling the publication of his excavation at Chiripa in highland Bolivia.

APPLIED SCIENCE CENTER FOR ARCHAEOLOGY – Continued experiments with Cesium Magnetometer in Greece and Italy (Thera, Elis, and Sybaris). Experiments with infra-red aerial photography (Italy and Southwest United States). Continued development of Thermoluminescence dating. Compilation and publication of technical information. Froelich Rainey in charge.

CEYLON – Excavation of an early historical site, Kantarodai, in north Ceylon. Summer of 1968. Beginning of long-range archaeological program in Ceylon. First concerted archaeological excavation at a pre-Buddhist site in Ceylon. Vimala Begley in charge.

EGYPT – Excavations at Abydos begun in 1967, continuing in 1968. Kelly Simpson and David O’Connor in charge.

Computer study of 50,000 blocks from Akhenaten temple at Luxor attempting to reconstruct photograph mosaics of panel designs and hieroglyphs on original temple. Ray Smith in charge.

Recording and study of tombs at Dra Abu Naga near Luxor. Lanny Bell in charge.

GREECE – Excavation of the 5th to 3rd century B.C. site of Haliesis including the submerged harbor. Experiments with infra-red aerial photography. Michael Jameson and Charles Williams in charge.

Instrument survey at Elis and on the Island of Thera. Elizabeth Ralph in charge.

GUATEMALA – Continuing excavations and restorations at Tikal. In collaboration with the Guatemalan Government. Year-round operations. Alfred Kidder in charge.

IRAN – Continuing work on the Hasanlu Project. Excavations and survey work at sites in northwestern Iran, 1968. Robert Dyson in charge.

ITALY – Explorations continuing in search for Sybaris in Calabria, in collaboration with the Superintendency of Antiquities, Reggio Calabria. Spring season. Froelich Rainey in charge.

Excavation at Ischia in collaboration with the Superintendency of Antiquities, Naples. Summer and fall seasons. Giorgio Buchner in charge.

Undersea excavations of a Roman wreck near Taranto in collaboration with the British School in Rome and the Superintendent of Antiquities in Puglia. Peter Throckmorton in charge.

Excavation of Hellenistic site at Torre Mordillo above the Crati Plain, Calabria. Roger Edwards in charge.

JORDAN – Preparing for 1968 excavation of Tell es-Sa’idiyeh, Jordan Valley, in February, March, and April. James Pritchard in charge.

LIBYA –  Carleton Coon made a reconnaissance of prehistoric sites in the Fezzan area, 1967.

Negotiations regarding restoration at Leptis Magna still continuing. Aubrey Trik in charge.

PERU – Excavation in Cusco District and Department of Puno carried out by Karen Mohr under Alfred Kidder’s direction.

SOLOMON ISLANDS – Southwest Pacific. Ethnographic and archaeological research continuing in 1967-1968. William Davenport in charge.

SOUTH PACIFIC – Gulbun Coker continues her comparative research on social movements in the South Pacific.

SUMERIAN RESEARCH – Samuel Noah Kramer continues his study and publication of Sumerian literary documents.

THAILAND – Beginning excavation at a 6th century A.D. Buddhist town. Main purpose is to set up a field training program for Thai archaeology students. April, May, June 1968. George Dales in charge.

TRUK, CAROLINE ISLANDS – Western Pacific. Continuing work on reports of ethnographic research. Ward Goodenough in charge.

TURKEY – Excavations at Gordion, near Ankara, to be continued in 1968. Rodney Young in charge.

UNDERWATER – Continued development of new techniques for underwater exploration. Successful experiments with side-scanning sonar for the location of undersea targets. Excavation of Roman wreck near Bodrum in Turkey. George Bass in charge.

Discovery of Greek wreck off Cyprus. Michael Katzev in charge.

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