Current University Museum Research – Spring 1965

Originally Published in 1965

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current_research_spring-1965ALASKA – A search for ancient archaeological sites in the Noatak Valley. Summer season. Continuing. Douglas Anderson in charge.

ANDEAN STUDIES – Alfred Kidder is compiling the publication of his excavation at Chiripa in highland Bolivia.

ARGENTINA – Anthropological studies concerned with increasing urbanization. 1964-1965. Ruben Reina in charge.

APPLIED SCIENCE CENTER FOR ARCHAEOLOGY (ASCA) – Continuing development of underground exploration instruments, dating methods, preservation and identification techniques. Froelich Rainey in charge.

EGYPT – In collaboration with the Peabody Museum, Yale. Completing reports of Nubian excavations concluded in 1964. Excavations continuing in Lower Egypt in 1966. Winter season. William Kelly Simpson in charge.

GREECE – Continuing excavation of Bronze Age site on the Island of Kythera. Under the auspices of the British School at Athens. Summer season. George Huxley in charge.

GUATEMALA – Continuing excavations and restorations at Tikal. In collaboration with the Guatemala Government. Year-round operations. William Coe in charge.

IRAN – Completing excavations at Hasanlu and Ziwiye in collaboration with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, as part of an archaeological study of northwestern Iran. Summer season, 1966. Robert Dyson in charge.

IRAQ – Continuing excavation of Tell al-Rimah, west of Mosul. In collaboration with the British School of Archaeology in Iraq. Winter and spring season. David Oates and Theresa Howard Carter in charge.

ITALY – Explorations in search for Sybaris, in Calabria, in collaboration with Lerici Foundation and Soprintendenza of Antiquities, Reggio Calabria. Spring and fall seasons. Froelich Rainey in charge.

Contributing to excavations at La Civita, near Artena. Summer season. Domenico Fascena in charge.

JAMAICA, WEST INDIES – Sociological study of the Maroon villages in central Jamaica. Summer, 1965. Barbara Klamon in charge.

JORDAN – Excavation of Tell es-Sa’idiyeh, Jordan Valley, continuing in late winter and spring months. James Pritchard in charge.

MAYA EPIGRAPHIC RESEARCH – Linton Satterthwaite continues his studies on the Maya Calendar and astronomy.

PAKISTAN – Completing reports of excavations carried out in 1965 in a new section of the ruins of Mohenjo-daro. George Dales in charge.

RACIAL STUDIES – Carleton S. Coon is completing his second volume on his study of races.

SOLOMON ISLANDS – Southwestern Pacific. Ethnographic and archaeological research continuing in 1965-1967. William Davenport in charge.

SUMERIAN RESEARCH – Samuel Noah Kramer continues his study and publication of Sumerian literary documents.

TRUK, CAROLINE ISLANDS – Western Pacific. Ethnographic research during present academic year, 1964-1965. Ward Goodenough in charge.

TURKEY – Excavations at Gordion, near Ankara. Continuing. Spring and summer season. Rodney Young in charge.

UNDERSEA – Excavation of Byzantine wreck near Bodrum completed, 1964. Experimentation with two-man submarine and electronic devices for exploration undersea, continuing in summer of 1965 off Turkish coast. George Bass in charge.

Contributing to John Ward Perkins’ (British School at Rome) investigations of Roman wrecks near Taranto, Italy. Peter Throckmorton in charge of diving.

UNITED STATES – Anthropological students studying gypsies in Philadelphia and a negro religious group in New Jersey. 1964-1965.


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