Current University Museum Research – Winter 1967

Originally Published in 1967

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AFGHANISTAN – Final arrangements for a proposed archaeological project in Seistan next fall and winter, working on problems of contacts between South Asia and the Near East between 3000 and 1000 B.C. George F. Dales in charge.

ALASKA – Archaeological survey of the Galbraith Lake region in north Alaska. Herbert Alexander, Jr., in charge.

ANDEAN STUDIES – Alfred Kidder is compiling the publication of his excavation at Chiripa in highland Bolivia.

APPLIED SCIENCE CENTER FOR ARCHAEOLOGY (ASCA) – Continuing development of underground exploration instruments and dating methods and compilation of technical information.

Continuing cesium magnetometer surveys in Italy. Experiments with new type of aerial photography. Continuing the development of thermoluminescent dating. Correlating radio-carbon methods with tree-ring dating. Froelich Rainey and Elizabeth Ralph in charge.

EGYPT – Excavations at Abydos. William Kelly Simpson and David O’Connor in charge.

Photograph and study 40,000 decorated stone blocks from a temple of Akhnaten which was dismantled soon after his death and its parts used to fill in later constructions. An attempt will be made to reconstruct some of the scenes by employing an IBM card sorter to join stones which were originally adjacent. Ray Smith in charge.

EL SALVADOR – Robert Sharer is working over the pottery excavated by William R. Coe some years ago.

GREECE – Excavation of a 5th-3rd century B.C. site at Haliesis. Michael Jameson and Charles Williams in charge.

GUATEMALA – Continuing excavations and restorations at Tikal. In collaboration with the Guatemala Government. Alfred Kidder in charge.

IRAN – Continuing excavation of the second millennium B.C. site of Dinkha Tepe as part of the expanded Hasanlu Project. Robert Dyson in charge.

ITALY – Sybaris. Explorations continuing in the search for this city in Calabria in collaboration with the Superintendency of Antiquities, Reggio Calabria. Froelich Rainey in charge.

Ischia. Excavation in collaboration with the Superintendency of Antiquities, Naples. Giorgio Buchner in charge.

Artena. Excavation at the site of La Civita near Artena. Domenico Fascena and Lorenzo Quilici in charge.

Gravina. Collaborating with the British School in Rome and the Superintendent of Antiquities in Puglia in the excavation of ancient Gravina. John Ward Perkins in charge.

JORDAN – Excavation of Tell es-Sa’idiyeh, Jordan Valley. James Pritchard in charge.

LIBYA – Proposed restoration at Leptis Magna expected to begin in spring 1967. Aubrey Trik in charge.

PERU – Report in preparation of physical anthropological study of Cashinahua Indians in the Peruvian rain forest. Francis Johnston in charge.

Karen Mohr is working at Marcavelle, near Cuzco, one of the oldest known sites in that area, under the auspices of the University Museum and the University of Cuzco.

SOLOMON ISLANDS – Southwestern Pacific. Reports in progress of ethnographic and archaeological research. William Davenport in charge. Gulbun Coker is preparing a report of a nativistic movement on Guadalcanal related to the Marching Rule.

SOUTH ASIA – George F. Dales and Vimala Begley have recently left for Ceylon where Dr. Begley will make a preliminary study of pre-Buddhist and early historical sites with the aim of selecting one for extensive excavation. Dr. Dales will take care of the administrative details. Later, Dr. Begley will go to south India to look for comparative material there. In mid-February, Dr. Dales will go to Thailand to investigate a newly discovered site of the Dvaravati period (6th-11th century A.D.).

SUMERIAN RESEARCH – Samuel Noah Kramer continues his study and publication of Sumerian literary documents.

TRUK, CAROLINE ISLANDS – Western Pacific. Working on reports of ethnographic research just completed. Ward Goodenough in charge.

TURKEY – Excavations at Gordion, near Ankara. Spring and summer 1967. Rodney Young in charge.

UNDERWATER – Continued development of new techniques for underwater exploration. George Bass in charge.

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