Expedition Photographic Contest

Originally Published in 1971

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Photographic-contestOpen to all staff, graduate students, and members of the University Museum.

Archaeology, anthropology, and photogra­phy go hand in hand; photography is an indis­pensible tool for recording, for reporting our finds, for investigative research. It is also capable of being a high art, of giving a unique personal vision of an object, a person, a landscape, an event. The study materials of archaeology and anthropology are notably visual, and lend them­selves admirably to the perceptive lens. We wish to honor those practitioners who skilfully com­bine science and artistry.

Any color or black and white photograph of archaeological or anthropological interest is eligible; single photos or portfolios (groups of photos being considered as a unit) are equally acceptable. Typical subjects might be field work, aboriginal portraits or life styles, art ob­jects, archaeological landscapes, in fact anything which might hold appeal for the professional or amateur of our twin disciplines. There is no limit to the number of entries per person. There is no entrance fee.



Photos will be judged on artistry and im­agination, individuality, technical proficiency, and scientific interest.
PRIZES: There will be ten equal awards for “best of show.” At the discretion of the edi­tors these winning photos may be published in Expedition and sent as a traveling exhibit throughout Pennsylvania. No one person may receive more than one “best” award, irrespective of the number of photos chosen for exhibition. Portfolios will be considered as one entry, if so identified, and will be judged on overall excel­lence. All photos chosen by the judges for ex­hibition will be awarded Certificates of Honor. These, with the names of award winners, will comprise a handsomely mounted photo exhibit in the Museum in the Fall of 1971.

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Mini­mum size for black and white prints is 8″ x 10″ (matte finish). All color transparencies of 35 mm and larger are acceptable. Methods of display are at the discretion of the judges. All photos submitted become the property of the University Museum, but all rights will revert to the photog­rapher on request, following exhibition.

NOTE: Both 8 mm and 16 mm motion pictures will be considered for exhibit, but will not be eligible for judging.

Entry forms and further information avail­able from Martha Phillips, Expedition Office, University Museum, 33rd and Spruce Streets, Philadelphia 19104. Phone EV 6-7400.

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