From the Director

By: Jeremy A. Sabloff

Originally Published in 2003

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As I write this column, I can look out my office window and admire the beautiful Stoner Courtyard, now in full bloom. The current scene at the Upper Courtyard, however, is a different story. The whole Warden Garden has been temporarily removed, while construction proceeds on the first phase of the long-term FARE (Future Air Conditioning, Renovation, and Expansion) project under the able supervision of the University’s Facilities Depart­ment and P. Agnes, the general contractor. This work will eventually result in air condi­tioning four of the Museum’s oldest wings, the opening of new and renovated public galleries, and the establishment of additional room for research and other key Museum activities.  That is all in the future at the moment. The first phase of the project, now under way, will create the needed space for the air handlers and other equipment, as well as additional work space under the courtyard, and replacement of the Warden Garden — one of the most beautiful contemplative places on campus — with a wonderful new Itali­anate garden and reflecting pool, modeled on the original 1899 garden plans. This first phase of the FARE project will hopefully be completed by the end of summer 2004. It has been made possible through the generosity of Dr. Charles K. Williams, and under his leader­ship the Museum’s Campaign for the 21st Century hopes to raise the funds for subsequent phases. The photograph to the right shows the courtyard con­struction as of August 2003.

Jeremy A. Sabloff
The Williams Director


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