From the Director – Spring 2003

By: Jeremy A. Sabloff

Originally Published in 2003

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The readership of Expedition is quite varied, comprising residents of all parts of the United States and the world. While many of our readers are Museum members from the greater Philadelphia area who visit the Museum regularly, others — whether they live near or far — have sel­dom or never visited us. I’d like to especially encourage this latter group to please think about visiting us soon! If you have never been to the University of Pennsylvania Museum, I believe that you are in for a treat, and if you have not looked in on us in a long time, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Here are some of the reasons.

The recent completion of the Mainwaring Research Collections and Storage Wing has allowed the Museum to completely redo the newly enclosed Stoner Courtyard. This beautifully landscaped courtyard with its enlarged central fountain is a great place to eat lunch. Or you can just sit and relax while admiring the Alexander Stirling Calder sculptures atop the Museum wall, the Samuel Yellin iron gates, or the Louis Comfort Tiffany mosaics under the eaves. In addition, the new Trescher Entrance gives the Museum the kind of grand entryway it deserves, and the elimination of the old steps makes it fully accessible. Just inside the Trescher Entrance, the new Merle-Smith Gallery offers a terrific well-lit space for changing photographic and other two-dimensional exhibitions. The Museum’s permanent exhibition areas also have been updated with new Greek (Greek World in the Rodney Young Gallery), American Southwest (Living in Balance in the Scott Gallery), and biblical (Canaan and Ancient Israel) exhibitions, as well as an updated Mesoamerican one, all installed within the past decade.

The newest exhibits, which opened in mid-March, are Roman World in the Farnese Gallery, Etruscan World in the Phillips Gallery, and Introduction to the Classical World. These new exhibits, along with the refurbished Greek World, form the Worlds Intertwined: Greeks, Romans, and Etruscans suite of Classical galleries. Together, they show off the Museum’s extraordinary collections from these ancient civiliza­tions and are certain to both delight and educate visitors.

Last, but not least, the Museum has significantly expanded its Pyramid Shop, modernized its Main Shop, and just opened a small shop, Second Site, at the Trescher Entrance.

The Museum is looking cleaner and brighter than ever, and I hope its new attractions will encourage all the readers of Expedition to pay us a visit soon.

Jeremy A. Sabloff
The Williams Director

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