From the Editor – Winter 2002

By: Beebe Bahrami

Originally Published in 2002

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I am deeply honored and delighted to be Expedition’s new editor and to help fulfill Expedition’s mission of advancing our understanding of the world’s cultural heritage, past and present. In this role, I will continue the tradition of high-quality articles in archaeology and anthropology, while helping to make the magazine more accessible to readers of all backgrounds. I will continue to include the voices of archae­ologists and anthropologists the world over as we cover topics of interest for many people, ranging from past civilizations to human evolution to contemporary world cultures.

You are already seeing changes in design aimed toward a more accessible presentation. Expedition’s depth of coverage of current research and thinking in archaeology and anthropology — the quality that distinguishes us from other magazines in the field ­will continue. Expedition will remain a peer-reviewed magazine, assuring critical conversation with colleagues. But we intend also to complete the circle of dialogue, both by taking Expedition to a broader readership and by including our readers’ voices through letters to the editor. I invite you to write to us with your impressions and suggestions.

In this issue, you will find diverse, thought-provoking pieces, including Schneider’s rethinking, beyond the biblical evidence, of the relationship between Israel and Judah in the ancient Near East; Richards’s curious case of grave appro­priation in ancient Egypt; Starbuck’s archaeology of a Scottish clan; Schurr’s accounts of some contemporary indigenous cultures of Siberia; and Grima’s work on Afghan women. For next year we have planned two special issues: one on the Celts and one on Food and Culture. So be sure to continue your sub­scription by mailing in the renewal card on the back cover or visiting I look forward to hearing from you.

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