How Is Your Museum I.Q.?

Originally Published in 1958

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Which of the four identifications given for each of these pictures is correct?

1. Stone slab made for the tomb of a famous emperor. Was he: (a) Ramses II; (b) Cyrus; (c) Tang Tai Tsung; (d) Charles VII?

2. The person who made this pot­tery vessel in Peru lived about the same time as (a) Thomas Jefferson; (b) Augustus Caesar; (c) Charle­magne; (d) Magellan.

3. Mask worn by a member of a men’s secret society among the (a) Iroquois Indians of New York State; (b) Alaskan Eskimo; (c) Maori of New Zealand; (d) Ngere tribes of West Africa.

4. Was this limestone statuette made in (a) Iraq in about 250U B.C.; (b) Mexico about A.D. I00; (c) Egypt about 1200 B.C.; (d) Peru about A.D. 500?

5. Limestone disc about 20 inches in diameter from Yap in the Caro­line Islands, was used as (a) a symbol of wealth; (b) the weight on a digging stick; (c) in a game; (d) the seat of a throne.


HOW IS YOUR MUSEUM I.Q.? Answers to quiz: 1, c; 2, b; 3, d; 4, a; 5, a.

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