Volume 65 / Number 2


Spotlight On: Passports to the Past

On The Cover: Created in the 1930s, this cabinet of ceramic thin sections lives on the ground floor of the Penn Museum, inside the Center for the Analysis of Archaeological Materials; photo by Quinn Russell Brown.

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Table of Contents
  • Dispatches from the Field by C. Brian Rose, Lucy Fowler Williams, Jason Herrmann, Katherine Moore, Michael Danti, Richard Zettler & Josef W. Wegner
  • Documenting Damage to Ukraine’s Heritage By Vasyl Rozhko
  • From Clay Tablets to Text Messages By Jane Sancinito
  • Hopeful Science in Bleak Times By Vaughn Ortner & Marie-Claude Boileau
  • Beyond the Galleries An interview with Laura Hortz Stanton
  • An Etruscan Stone Speaks By P. Gregory Warden

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Vol. 65 / No. 2

By: Marie-Claude Boileau and Vaughn Ortner

Hopeful Science in Bleak Times: The Legacy of the WPA Laboratories During the Great Depression

During the 1930s, millions of Americans struggled to sustain themselves economically due to the manifold challenges of the Great Depression. […]

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Vol. 65 / No. 2

By: Christopher Woods

A Season of Insight: From the Williams Director

Dear Friends, Though the summer may be a quiet period for many within the academy, most of you know that […]

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Vol. 65 / No. 2

By: Quinn Russell Brown

Making Memories in a Museum: From the Editor

BEFORE MY WIFE AND I RELOCATED to Philadelphia in the summer of 2021, we followed in the footsteps of many […]

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