Looking Back – Winter 2015

Originally Published in 2015

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Aslankaya (Lion Rock)
Aslankaya (Lion Rock)

John Henry Haynes (1849– 1910), pioneer archaeological photographer, took thousands of photographs on the Penn Museum’s expeditions to Nippur, Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) in 1889– 1900. The Museum Archives houses his original glass plate negatives. Before joining the Museum’s excavations, Haynes worked and traveled in Turkey throughout the 1880s. In July, 1887 he visited the “Phrygian Highlands,” west of Gordion in west-central Anatolia, and took the first known photographs of the famous rock-cut monuments around the so-called “City of Midas.” Shown here is Aslankaya (Lion Rock), a shrine to the goddess Cybele, dating to the 7th century BCE. Parts of this monument have deteriorated in the 128 years since this photograph was taken.

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