Men In Search of Man

The first seventy-five years of the University Museum of the University of Pennsylvania.

By: Percy C. Madeira, Jr.

Originally Published in 1964

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This book, recently published by the University of Pennsylvania Press, is the work of a man whose concern for the welfare and activities of the University Museum has been very close for over thirty years. Mr. Madeira has been a member of the Board of Managers since 1931 and was its President from 1941 to 1962.

The Museum’s history is related in seven chapters, beginning with the decision of the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania in 1887 to accept the responsibility for the housing of collections to be excavated in Mesopotamia in 1888. Mr. Madeira presents a most interesting and very readable account of the many subsequent expeditions and other developments in the Museum’s busy history, with numerous fine illustrations of both work in progress in the field and many of the outstanding specimens from the Museum’s collection.

Men in Search of Man is not only an interesting and useful history. It is also a most helpful work to reference, containing no less than twelve supplements. These include a complete listing of expeditions  officers and staff members, and a resume of the collections. Members and friends of the Museum will find Mr. Madeira’s book a fascinating and highly informative addition to their libraries.

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