Musings and Visions from the Director’s Desk – Spring 1999

By: Jeremy A. Sabloff

Originally Published in 1999

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Keeper Lucy Williams in one of the present American Section storerooms. The new wing will provided state-of-the-art storage for all of the Museum’s collections.
Photograph courtesy of The Philadelphia Inquirer

Readers will note that Expedition has a new, and we hope, inviting look, with the addition of five short departmental pieces coupled with more open design. The departments will appear on a regular basis in the magzine. Two of them, “What in the World” and “From the Archives” will spotlight artifacts, photographs and documents that tell significant stories about our collections, research and history.

“Research Notes” and “Science Archaeology” will offer the Museum’s researchers  and staff opportunities to present brief snapshots of current projects or intriguing scientific discoveries or applications. “Museum Mosaic” will report on the newsmakers and staff in general. In additions, a four page newsletter insert from the Development Office will appear in the middle of the magazine to report on the Campaign for the East Wing and related fund-raising issues and to honor our generous donors.

As readers will see in the Douglas Haller’s informative article in this issue, 1999 is the centennial of the first of the Museum’s five buildings. What better way to celebrate this centennial and architect Wilson Eyre’s vision than to complete the 16.7 million capital campaign for the new Collections Storage and Study Wing and related renovations before the close of the year! The Successful completion of the campaign will allow us to break ground for the new wing in the spring of 2000 and enter the new century (and millennium) well prepared to fulfill our trifold mission of research, preservation, and education at the highest possible levels. Readers interested in learning more about the planning for the new wing of supporting the campaign should consult the Museum’s terrific website ( of contact Ms. Leslie Kruhly, Associate Director and Special Events.

Jeremy Sabloff
The Williams Director

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