Opening Statement

By: William H. Davenport and Adria Katz

Originally Published in 1988

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The opening of the exhibition “The Dayaks: Peoples of the Borneo Rainforest” marks the inauguration of The University Museum’s new Dietrich Gallery, recently restored through the generosity of William B. Dietrich. The exhibition is the result of hard work and gracious assistance from many institutions and people. Contributing institutions are: The Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University; the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia; The Wistar Institute, University of Pennsylvania; The Furness Shakespeare Library, University of Pennsylvania; The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia; The U.S. Golf Association Museum and Library, Far Hills, New Jersey; and The Sarawak Museum, Kuching.

Individuals whose assistance is particularly appreciated include, at The Peabody Museum, Harvard: Kathy Skelly, Charity Appell, Viva Fisher, Hillel Burger and Barbara Isaac; at The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia: Carol Spawn (Library), Keith Russell (Exhibits), Bill Saul (Ichthyology), Ed Malnate (Herpetology), Ted Daeschler and Frederick Ulmer, Jr. (Mammology), David Frodin (Botany), Mark Robbins (Ornithology), and Don Azuma (Entomology); at The Wistar Institute: Bonnie Clause; at the American Philosophical Society: Beth Carroll-Horrocks; at The Free Library of Philadelphia: Richard Boardman; at the Franklin Institute: Gladys I. Breuer; at The Textile Museum, Washington D.C.: Mattiebelle Gittinger; at the Museum of Mankind, London: Brian Durrans, Harry Persaud and Rebecca Jewell; at the New York Botanical Gardens: Christine Padoch; at The National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution: Paul Michael Taylor and James Rubenstein; at the Sarawak Museum, Kuching: Lucas Chin and Tuton Kaboy. Also: Hedda Morrison, V.K. Gorlinksi, Harold Deadman, Herbert L. and Patricia R. Whittier, Michael R. Dove, C.H. Southwell and Anja Dalderup.

Realization of the exhibition also depended on the concerted efforts of many people within the University Museum, foremost among whom were John Murray, Exhibit Designer, with William Bucher, Renwei Huang, Stephen Oliver, Raymond Rorke, Lou Traini, and Christopher Ray; Virginia Greene, Senior Conservator, and Tamsen Fuller; Douglas Haller, Archivist, and Colin Varga, Photographic Archivist, with Alessandro Pezzati and Barbara Robertson; Harmer Frederick Schoch, Head Photographer, and John Taggart; also Cindy Palmer, Research and Collections Assistant for the Borneo Exhibition, Bien Chiang, Susan Stolte, and Joan Reilly.

Special thanks are due to members of the Furness, Hiller, and Harrison families, for sharing photographs, letters, and information about the collectors.

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