The Hungry Archaeologist – Piazza Armerina

By: Patrizio Pensabene and Enrico Gallocchio

Originally Published in 2011

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In Piazza Armerina, one should not miss the many pastry shops, where Sicilian specialties such as cannoli and cassate are found. ‘The Pasticceria Zingale’ is famous for its frittelle, fried sweets, while during winter, the ‘Restivo Pasticceria’ is known for its buccellati, special cookies made with dried fruit and fig marmalade. For a complete meal, one should not miss ‘da Nino’ where the products of the woods and fields around Piazza Armerina are on fine display. In spring, a primo of maccheroni agli amarelle—a wild plant found in the fields—is a particular specialty, while an assortment of local grilled meats forms an excellent secondo. If you want a truly special dinner, a few kilometers outside Piazza Armerina towards Enna is the restaurant ‘Il Fogher,’ where local tradition is enriched with innovation.

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