To the Readers of Expedition

By: Froelich Rainey

Originally Published in 1959

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To the Readers of Expedition:

Because of the increased interest in archaeology and the study of man, The University Museum decided, in the spring of 1958, to revise its quarterly bulletin and issue a magazine which would be designed for the public as well as the members of the Museum.

The purpose was not only to create an outlet for the staff of the Museum in which they could report on their research in archaeology and anthropology but also to provide a means for the expression of their ideas concerning the motive and significance of these studies in contemporary society.

This current issue of Expedition is the first number of Volume 2. To the accounts of research and expression of ideas published in the first four issues, have been added articles on art, news about the Museum’s far-reaching expeditions, and the writings of distinguished archaeologists and anthropologists from other institutions. The reaction to this new type of museum publication has been both gratifying and somewhat overwhelming. Members have written to us asking us to send gift subscriptions to friends and the number of subscribers has quadrupled in one year’s time. A study of our subscription list shows that, in addition to the United States, we are sending copies of Expedition to subscribers in 15 foreign countries including Australia, Egypt, Formosa, Pakistan, the Philippine Islands, New Zealand, Russia, and Turkey.

As a reader of Expedition you may want to send a subscription as a Christmas gift to someone who shares with you an enthusiasm for man’s ancient past and the excitement of archaeological research.

A gift subscription to Expedition is $3.50 for one year. We have enclosed with this issue a subscription form for your convenience and we will be glad to send a card to the recipient stating that he is receiving a year’s subscription as a gift from you.


Sincerely yours,

Froelich Rainey

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